Education Hub

Education hubs are important new developments. They represent a new generation of cross-border education activities. There is no one precise model for education hubs, as local conditions, priorities and rationales vary from country to country and from hub to hub. There are different levels and types of hubs emerging but an education hub can be generally described as the process of building a critical mass of local and foreign actors – including students, education institutions, companies, knowledge industries, science, and technology centres – who collaborate in a strategic way on cross-border education, training, knowledge and innovation initiatives.

Towards civil society development in Armenia, various CSOs perform research, monitoring, and advocacy initiatives without having proper communication channels among other CSOs working for the same cause. Lack of institutionalized cooperation amongst each other, the tools, methodologies, as well as advocacy efforts remain fragmented and at the level of a given organization.

A way towards effective advocacy is the process that starts with quality monitoring and ends up with report generation that serves as a backbone for drafting the main advocacy messages and strategy. The quality of monitoring hinges on the standards and benchmarks that serve as a basis for measuring the acceptable performance of government agencies within a given policy area.

Given the centrality of public policy knowledge to effective engagement with state institutions, Institute of Public Policy aspires to transfer into a policy, advocacy and education hub as a source and platform for diffusion of policy monitoring and advocacy knowledge to other civil society organizations.

With this having in mind, IPP intends to improve opportunities and outcomes for students, to empower educators to strengthen and improve their practice through engagement with and in research, and innovative practice development, to encourage teachers in driving innovation and new knowledge creation, to contribute to the educational success of students across Armenia. The vision of IPP is to see researchers working collaboratively with practitioners around core problems as well as to test, validate and disseminate effective practice. The policy adopted by Institute of Public Policy along the way of the realization of its vision is to develop a research-informed policy that will support improvement and transformation across the education system.

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