Fostering Philanthropy Culture in Armenia

Fostering Philanthropy Culture in Armenia

The goal of the project is to contribute to the strengthening and development of philanthropic culture in Armenia, promoting public reflection on the issues.

There is a need to think about philanthropic activities and promote public debates. What is charity and what are the limits of its effectiveness? What is social responsibility? What is the complementary role of individuals, community, state and other actors in it? Individuals engaged in humanitarian activities also need a “side look” to understand what’s the public perception of their effort and its influentiality?

The expected outcomes of the project are:

– People engaged in philanthropic activities will have a good platform to present their projects, disseminate ideas, and get supporters,

– Awareness on philanthropic activities in Armenia will be raised among project participants and the general public,

– Due to the discussions, people’s perceptions on philanthropy, social responsibility, development programs and other philanthropic phenomena will be enhanced.

The main outcome of this project will be the production and discussion of films on the most interesting philanthropic stories.

Each film will present the life and work of a separate hero or heroes.



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