Lusine Karamyan

Position: Researcher


Lusine Karamyan


Lusine Karamyan is a professor at Yerevan State University with about 14 years’ experience, as well as a researcher and a member of the Institute of Public Policy team. Her research interests include education, diversity and inclusion, Human Rights, public health and HIV, and LGBT issues.

Lusine Karamyan holds a Master of Science in Social Management and Social Work from Manchester University (2003). In 2008 she had a professional trip to USA and spent five months in New Jersey as a visiting professor at Rutgers, The State University of NJ. During that spring semester, she also had an opportunity to visit The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Pennsylvania, Fordham University, etc. In 2009 Lusine Karamyan participated in Curriculum Resource Center’s fall session at Central European University in Budapest, which was a good chance to perfect syllabi writing and course developing skills.

Since 2010 Lusine has been involved in policy research projects and advocacy in the fields of tolerance and inclusion. She also has an experience of working in different NGOs as a senior social worker, psychosocial counselor, group social worker and a head of the multidisciplinary team. She has 11 publications, including a manual for academic staff at Armenian universities.



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