Rafael Shirakyan

Rafayel Shirakyan

Rafayel in IPP

Rafayel is a research fellow at Institute of Policy since 2017 May. Rafayel has initially joined to the IPP as a statistician for the project “Raising awareness on ethical violation on grassroots level”. He has managed the face to face surveyors and analyzed the data provided by the surveyors. He has also built the website and one of his usual tasks is to maintain the website. Moreover, he is managing the IPP volunteers and taking part in the management of the education hub and writing policy briefs.


Rafayel is a graduate of college “Quantum” and a current (senior/4th year) student at American University of Armenia studying at the program Bachelor of Arts in Business (Track: Economics)


Current Engagement

Teaching assistant at AUA: Rafael is teaching associate for the courses Introduction to Religion (2 sections) and Armenian History. Previously he has been Teaching Assistant for courses Religion & Politics, Comparative Religions and Armenian culture and Language, Introduction to Religion(2 sections)

Founding team member of AUA Volunteers’ League: Rafayel is a founding team member of the largest student organization at AUA, AUA Volunteers’ League (350 members). Rafayel is mainly focused on recruitment of the members and the database management.

Peer Mentor at AUA: This is the second year Rafayel has taken 12 freshmen students under his mentorship to ensure the students have the smooth understanding about AUA and the explicit requirements AUA has from the student, on the way helping the students as a mentor.


Previous Experience:

AdWise: From 2017 June- to 2017 February: Rafayel has been an intern in analyzing the banking sector of Armenia, doing quantitative analytical comparison to help for the designation of a special tool which allows any user to compare any Armenian bank with another within a scope of special financial ratios.

R insights: From 2017 February to 2017 April: Rafayel has been a freelance to help to analyze the European banking sector. For another project, Rafayel has focused on doing an international research for the historical preservation funds for helping to strategically plan “Kumayri” project.

America bank: From2017 Feb to 2017 April Rafayel has been an intern at America Bank HR department and did data analysis for the employee satisfaction.

Member of Finance Club: From 2017 January to 2017 May Rafayel has done numerous projects with some companies, especially Anelik bank. His focus has been research, data analysis, and advocacy.



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