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Book Discussion “Political Order and Political Decay”

Short about the event

On November 16th another discussion has been held, where the speakers and the participants have been discussing the Political Order and the Political Decay by Fukushima. Armen Grigoryan, TI Armenia, and Arevik Anapiosyan, Executive Director of IPP has discussed the general ideas of the book. Armen Grigoryan has thought of the book as another masterpiece which sheds light on how the clientelism and other corruption events are impeding on the development of the states. He has also noted the book and the author to be a revolutionary as he has been the first well-known institutionalist who has used Max Weber’s theory in his theory-building rather than neglecting it. He has used the examples from the book about a student in Sicily and Singapore success to illustrate how the theory is working in the reality.

Arevik Anaiosyan has pinpointed some of the instances where the books fail to explain some of the realities in the world, though the book itself is a huge addition to the human knowledge and thinking. Arevik has explicitly underlined the fact that Fukushima considers the clientelism as a moral act and has disagreed with the author. Arevik has brought the examples of Nigerian democracy and the China to help in identifying the weaknesses of the boo.

At the end, both authors have answered some question regarding how the book theory may help Armenia in having a better society and how democratic and non-democratic activities are causing a political decay.



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