Research in Education

Research in Education

The quality of the educational system and infrastructure is central to every nation’s economy, development, social integration and well-being. The quality of education depends and builds on the quality and relevance of available educational research. It is therefore of critical importance to secure and raise the standards for conducting research in order to improve education. Research is a process in which you engage in a small set of logical steps. The research can be implemented in two ways—through a quantitative study or a qualitative study—depending on the type of problem one intend to research. At a general level, research consists of three steps: 1. Pose a question. 2. Collect data to answer the question. 3. Present an answer to the question.

In recent years, due to various educational programs and projects, the educational Institutions started to pay more attention to research in education. However, very little resources were allocated to the professors for making a good research and use the research data in their lectures. The professors at Universities are overburdened with classes and do not have enough time for research. At the same time, Universities do not provide with additional financial resources and time to promote the research in educational Institutions. There is also little understanding and demotivation among educators on the importance of research in education. Adding to knowledge means that educators undertake research to contribute to existing information about issues. Educators should strive for continual improvement. This requires addressing problems or issues and searching for potential solutions. Through research, the educators should develop results that help to answer questions, and as the educators accumulate these results, they shall gain a deeper understanding of the problems.

IPP shall try to address all the above-mentioned issues in the educational system of Armenia through promoting the research on policy, Institutional levels as well as to raise awareness among educators on the importance of ongoing research in education. IPP shall advocate the promotion of research in education as a research Institution accumulated data and experience in this field.



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