Establishing Student Councils for Civic Participation


01.09.2020 – 30.06.2021

Project Description

The goal of the project was to contribute to the formation of independent and accountable student councils (hereafter, the SC) and strengthen the civic values and participatory culture among students.

The project was implemented in schools of 6 rural settlements of Tavush region (Nerkin Tsaghkavan, Sevkar, Aygehovit, Chinchin, Norashen, Movses).

The following actions were carried out:

• For the students included in the SCs of the mentioned 6 communities, a three-day winter camp was organized in January of 2021 for their capacity building related to SCs.

• At the end of the camp, participating students and teachers signed a declaration on the creation of a network of SCs of Tavush region.

• IPP team, through discussions with the educators and students participating in the camp, developed a number of recommendations aimed at improving the institutional environment of the activities of the SCs. The proposals were submitted to the RA Ministry of Education and Culture.

• In May 2021, representatives of the SCs of 6 communities visited the National Assembly and the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Armenia in order to get acquainted with the mission and activities of these structures, to meet with deputies and officials, to raise and discuss issues related to the activities of SCs and public education.

• SCs of the mentioned 6 communities were given small financial support to implement their projects. Among these projects were the restoration and development of school greenhouses, the development of a woodworking club, the establishment of a geography club, the establishment of a school and community history museum, and the development of a handicraft club.

• IPP team has developed a publicly accessible guide and an animation video on the formation and operation of SCs. They can be of particular interest to students and teachers, as they tell about the procedure of SC formation and their competences.

Funded by

US Embassy in Armenia

US Department of State


How to create an effective student council

Report, 2021թ.

How to create an effective student council

Animation video, 2021թ.

Author: “Institute of Public Policy” NGO,  Avetik Mejlumyan,  Goharik Tigranyan,  Ishkhan Sargsyan

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